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 Savirah Spring water

The perfect choice for you and the people you love  

Our Savirah Spring water is a constant component and daily needed food by the human body and the spring water consumption results in life in harmony with the laws of nature, health and longevity. The leading advantage of the spring water Savirah content is its 7.23 Ph level which allows a daily use without burdening the human body.Your system would not be overloaded because of the low mineralization. It is suitable for everyday use by the whole family.

The daily harmony,  that you deserve.

The naturally formed component and content of minerals and salts of the Savirah spring water meet the human body daily needs and make it optimum suitable for a daily use by the entire family - from the breastfeeding babies up to centenarians.

Our Spring Water is rich in hydro carbonates, which are of great importance for the human body to properly function.

The Savirah Spring Water is among the national treasures of Bulgaria.

Spring Water is available in the market in a modern and elegant PET packaging range: 0.3l up to 19l

Be hydrated, trust "Savirah Spring Water”.

Your faithful companion in a busy day, during workout or in moments of relax.

Wherever you go, go with “Savirah”
This product becomes with a Government HEALTH certificate.

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Spring Water
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