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We have Created new product for our client Siala Cosmetics. Our research and development team has been working with Siala Cosmetics to create all natural beauty cosmetics.

Natural Ingredients

All Natural Beauty Line

When it comes to Face, Hair and Body care, natural oils can prove to be quite beneficial. If you wish to have a soft, supple and nourished skin, then natural oils can do wonders as they have their own unique set of skin-benefiting properties.

We deal with products which are healthy, chemical-free, of the highest quality and have high demand in the market. We are able to pick up the freshest of raw materials directly from the manufacturers. This also ensures the quality of our products. Our specialized team makes sure that only the best quality raw material is supplied. This gives an added advantage of being a producer of purest and premium quality products.

We use eco friendly bottles from sugar cane as well as recycled materials. 
Products are made with 100% natural ingredients, paraben and GMO-free, vegan friendly and are not tested on animals. 

36 Siala Cosmetic products available:

  • Shampoo's (4)

  • Conditioner (2)

  • Shower Gel (4)

  • Herbal Bath Salt (2)

  • Special oils (Hyperpigmentation, Scars, Acne, Breast Booster)

  • Dry Deodorant Powders (3)

  • Thermal Spring water (3)

  • Liquid Perfume (4)

  • Solid Perfume Woman (4)

  • Solid Perfume Men (2)

  • Massage Oil (4)

  • Feminine Care (2)

Siala Cosmetics
Siala Cosmetics

Siala Cosmetics

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Shampoo Conditioner Douche Gel
Shampoo Conditioner Douche Gel

Siala Cosmetics

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Herbal Bath Salt
Herbal Bath Salt

Siala Cosmetics

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Siala Cosmetics
Siala Cosmetics

Siala Cosmetics

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Eco Bottle

Some of our products are packed in ECO bottles. These bottles are made of SUGAR CANE sourced PE, which is completely NATURAL. They have a imprint on the bottom saying “100% NATURAL MATERIAL" (see picture). So from now on, these products are completely natural from the inside and outside as well.

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Where to Buy Siala Cosmetic Products

Our products are available in different stores in Europe, customers can order on Amazon sites, see below.
If you are interested in selling all natural products in you store or online  fill in the contact form below. You will be contacted back within 24h (on working days).



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Afua Duana Ampah

Body Oil - Hands+ Rose

I really like this brands products. This has a lovely smell and made my hands feel soft and silky.

Body Scrub Mineral

Another good product by this company. The particles weren’t too big and gently cleansed my skin. Felt fresh and clean with soft skin

Confident Woman

Karen M

Style Name: Body Scrub Mineral

Really rough so gave a good scrub. Hubby works with oil and other dirty products so was pleased to see this helped remove the ground in muck.


Miss S

Delight Body Scrub Strawberry 

I've been using this product for a few days as a routine just before my shaving and it works amazing. It smells deliciously sweet and very natural. I first use soap and then this scrub and then finally I just rinse with cold water. The oils stay on but not sticky. The scrub truly leaves you smelling sweet which remains delicate on the skin even after showering - delicious to bite!
I love the fact this scrub is 100% natural and edible, it literally smells like a desert.
It leaves my skin super soft smooth and hydrated. I can confirm I will keep buying this product.