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Private Label | Branded Food and Drink products

Our private label and branded food and drink products can be found in major supermarkets, food service and boutique retail food and drink stores across countries worldwide.

Developing a private label, new or platformed range is intensive, time limitations make creativity and innovation difficult.

Research, development, pricing, nutrition, logistics, compliance and supply, from source to shelf, it’s what we do…

Savirah Private Product Label (SPPL), can supply over 3.000 products, we believe in our product ranges and profitable products for the retail markets with reasonable pricing for the customers.

Savirah Private Product Label (SPPL) operates across all supermarket and food service categories, we work with category and product development managers and food service procurement managers. 


Our expertise is in sourcing or developing food products based upon expression of interest documents or particular requirements/needs.

We can develop and supply a range of food solutions that are an extension to an existing range, a re-tender or the development of a new product. Ranges that address particular consumer needs or trends such as an indulgent range of snacks, gluten-gmo free products, ranges built on Fair Trade products - vegan friendly or eco friendly packaging, the opportunities are endless

We understand the process and the hurdles to shelf, time constraints, product specifications, natural foods, price and margin objectives.

For new and innovative ideas, a fresh look to your retail shelves, offering a point of difference or a quality for price product – we source and supply a diverse range of food solutions whether they be branded, private label, food service or the need for a single bulk ingredient. We source food solutions locally and globally.


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