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Development of
NON-FOOD Products

We support our clients with high quality products at the best possible price and the highest possible service.

Herbal Bath Salt

Savirah - A Natural Beauty Line
Natural Beauty Herbal Bath Salt,

100% natural Himalayan or sea salt,

or a combination of these products

combined with different dried herbs.


​Savirah Natural Beauty Herbal Bath salt comes in 250 gram DOY Pack
Use the Herbal Bath salt in your bath or foot bath for a optimal result.

The following products in the category Herbal Bath Salt are available:

 * Immune Defense
 * Balance Stress
 * Strength, Detox and Rebuild
 * Muscle Relief
 * Mind and Body Function
 * Reload, Body and Soul

Herbal Bath Salt

a Natural Beauty Line

Products available in Savirah Brand are:
 - Face Oil
 - Body Oil
 - Hair Oil
 - Beauty Oil+ (with Lavender or Bulgarian Rose)
 - Face Scrub
 - Body Scrub
 - Lip Polish
 - Face Toner
 - Body Mist
 - Teeth Whitening
 - Essential Oil

For more info - details please visit the Savirah Beauty website at


Savirah Cosmetics


Great assortment of fragrances from brands like:
Giorgio Armani,
Calvin Klein,
Paco Rabanne,
and many many more A brands ...

Over 900 brands available
Big stock available
Delivery directly from our European Warehouse 
Shipping to over 65 countries worldwide

If you need A-brand perfumes, we are one of the biggest reseller of A-brands Perfumes, if you need a quote, please sent me your request including EAN number, quantity and Target price in a excel file, we can then check availability and pricing.

your request can be sent to:  this email


Brand Perfumes

BIO Cosmetics


To offer our clients modern cosmetics,

we developed these series Universal creams without parabens.
Using of parabens becomes more and more disputable, now growing number of organizations denies their everyday usage.

Cosmetics | BIO Hand & Nail Creams - Parabens Free

Cream - hand and nail care with Camomile

Cream - hand and nail care with Marigold

Cream - hand and nail care with Aloe

Cosmetics | BIO Hand Creams - Parabens Free

Cream - hand care with Sea Buckthorn

Cream - hand care with Ginseng

Cream - hand care with Green tea

Cosmetics | BIO Face Creams - Parabens Free

Cream - facial care with Wheat germ oil

Cream - facial care with cucumber

Cream - facial care with Goat's milk

Bio Creams
Q10 cosmetics

Q10+ Cosmetics


Because it is cosmetics created according to the latest trends and active ingredients to fight wrinkles. Formulations are balanced for the particular skin type, tested and designed to reduce your wrinkles!

With our products you will feel the comfort of good and quality cosmetics and most will feel younger and more beautiful!


Clarifying cleansing gel | washing - normal and mixed skin

Purifying cleansing gel |  washing -  dry and sensitive skin

Day moisturizing cream | anti-wrinkles Q10+ minerals Mg,Zn,Cu

Night cream | anti-wrinkles Q10+ minerals Mg,Zn,Cu

Day moisturizing cream | anti-wrinkles Q10+ Refresh

Night cream | anti-wrinkles  Q10+ Refresh

Vitalizing day cream | anti-wrinkles Q10+ UV protection

Energizing day cream | anti-wrinkles Q10+ goji berry

Anti wrinkle day cream with Baobab's oil and Edelweiss Q10+

Anti wrinkle night cream with Baobab's oil and Edelweiss Q10+

Lifting cream around the eyes Q10+


Savirah Beauty Line - Activated Charcoal


100% Pure Activated Charcoal Powder
Highest Quality Food Grade
Ingredients: Pure Activated Charcoal Powder. Nothing else.

Removes stains and discolourization from your teeth to significantly whiten and brighten your smile.
Carbon, Bamboo & Coco is 100% natural and suitable for vegans. No additives, preservatives or any other hidden products.

Savirah Activated Charcoal comes in 15 gram DOY Pack

Firewood - Kindling


For the heating of a stove or fireplace, hardwood species that have long-term heat separation are most often used. For firewood, the first place is occupied by oak wood, followed by beech, hornbeam, cherry and acacia. 
The quality of firewood is characterized by good flammability, heat dissipation, the ability to give a minimum amount of ash, and to avoid excessive smoke. To make the right choice, you should pay attention not only to tree species, but also to their dryness.

Firewood - Kindling

Sunflower Pellets

Caring for environment protection and forestry, the Bulgarian factory has implemented a production facility for Bio fuels – utilizing waste from the processing of sunflower husks.

The sunflower husk pellets are highly effective

alternative energy source for technological

requirements and heating.

They are characterized by high calorific value

and low moisture content.


Available in bulk and bags of 15 kg.

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