Herbal Bath Salt

Savirah Bath Salt DOY pack.png
Savirah Bath Salt DOY pack.png

Box Dimensions
250 Gram DOY Bag 120*170*40 mm
24*250 gram Doy Bags in a box 400*300*178


Pallet Dimension (EU pallets 800*1200)
Carton Dimension inside 396*296*174 mm
Carton Dimension outside 400*300*278 mm

Carton per layers 8
Layers per pallet 8
Total height incl pallet 1580 mm
Total DOY bags per pallet: 1.536 Bags

MOQ -  1 Pallet - Mix pallets possible
The following Savirah Herbal Bath Salt products in 250 gram 
Doy Bags are available:

 * Immune Defense
 * Strength, Detox and Rebuild
 * Balance Stress

 * Mind and Body Function
 * Muscle Relief
 * Reload, Body and Soul

Products with Himalayan Salt and Iodized Sea Salt
Savirah Bath Salt Immune Defence.png
Savirah Bath Salt Mind and Body Function
Savirah Bath Salt Balance Stress.png

Immune Defense
increase the ability of your immune system, Immune defense sea salt therapy can be a great way to help build it up, helps you fight off fevers, the flu, allergies, common colds and even auto immune disorders. Enjoy using the bath salt into your bath / foot bath.

Mind and Body Function
Herbal bath salt has a perfect combination of ingredients to ease your worried mind, renew and rehydrate your skin to keep it moisturized. Sea salt can help the body by preventing and sometimes reversing high level of acidity as salt is naturally alkalizing.

Balance Stress
Sea salt therapy helps regulate brain function or even mental fatigue, resulting in a calmer state of relaxing, encourage deeper sleep, decrease blood pressure and boost immunity. Enjoy using the bath salt into your bath / foot bath.

Products with Iodized Sea Salt
Savirah Bath Salt Muscle Relief.png
Savirah Bath Salt Reload Body and Soul.p
Savirah Bath Salt Strength Detox and Reb

Muscle Relief
Adding Muscle relief sea salt to the bath or foot bath can stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps, help relieve stiffness in joints, aid with arthritis or back pain, soothes achy, overworked legs and feet.

Reload, Body & Soul
Sea salt bath therapy has positive mental changes that include peace of mind, increase energy levels, better brain function and stress. Mineral sea salt combined with the natural hydrotherapy of a warm bath will relax, refresh and energize. Enjoy

Strength, Detox & rebuild
Sea salt bath therapy helps draw out toxins, deep cleanses the skin, helps cleanse the body. Himalayan salt works as a powerful detoxifier when dissolved in water.

The solution helps to draw the toxins out of skin and tissues. Enjoy using the bath salt into your bath / foot bath.


Certificate & Technical specifications

HIMALAYAN SALT 100% natural
Contents: Non-refined Himalayan salt crystals, extracted by hand and sun dried, potassium iodate 28-55 mg/kg.
The Himalayan salt contains 84 vitally important minerals and micro elements, necessary for the human body. Its mineral composition is identical to those of the ancient primary ocean. It has immune stimulating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
Iodized Sea SALT 100% natural
Contents: See Sheet specification
Certificate Iodized Salt EN 01.png
Savirah Bath Salt DOY pack.png
Herbs: 100% Natural - Dried Herbs (Origin, Different Countries)
Contents: Dried Marjoram, Dried Mint Leaves, Dried St. Johns Wort, Dried Rosemary, Dried Thyme, Dried Basil, Dried Chamomile, Dried Marigold, Dried Yarrow, Dried Lemon Balm Leaves, Cinnamon