Face Scrub

Box Dimensions
50 ml Jar 58*47 mm
12 Jars in a box (12*50ml) 236*177*51
6 boxes per carton (6*12*50ml)


Pallet Dimension (EU pallets 800*1200)
Carton Dimension inside 236*177*51mm
Carton Dimension outside 240*181*55mm

Carton per layers 21
Layers per pallet 27
Total height incl pallet 1640 mm
Total Jars per pallet: 6.804 jars

MOQ -  1 Pallet - Mix pallets possible
The following Face Scrub product in 50 ml Jars are available:

 * Skin Firming
 * Purify
 * Exfoliate

 * Glowing 
 * Mineral
 * Detox

The PURIFY face scrub helps remove a thick layer of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface which gives a brighter and clearer looking skin.

The EXFOLIATE face scrub, helps in the removal of dead skin cells, has anti -fungal, -inflammatory and -bacterial properties which leaves you with a beautiful skin.

The DETOX face scrub is a skin care natural remedy that aids in removing discoloration. It also acts as a natural detox to support a radiant skin.

Apply the GLOWING face scrub to prevent fine lines, lighten complexion, tighten and exfoliate, which leaves the skin with a beautiful glow.

SKIN FIRMING face scrub smooths wrinkles, brightens, freshens and clarifies your skin, which leaves the skin looking healthy and youthful.

The MINERAL face scrub is great for removing dead cells and unclogs pores. Nourishes your skin with its rich content of minerals, keeping it healthy and preventing further breakouts.

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