Face Mask

Box Dimensions
50 ml Jar 58*47 mm
12 Jars in a box (12*50ml) 236*177*51


Pallet Dimension (EU pallets 800*1200)
Carton Dimension inside 236*177*51mm
Carton Dimension outside 240*181*55mm

Carton per layers 21
Layers per pallet 27
Total height incl pallet 1640 mm
Total Jars per pallet: 6.804 jars

MOQ -  1 Pallet - Mix pallets possible
The following Face Mask product in 50 ml Jars are available:

 * Hibiscus
 * Neem
 * Manjistha

Face Mask.jpg
Hibiscus Face Mask.png

The HIBISCUS Face mask is widely used to treat acne and dark circles. Its improves skin complexion, tightens the skin and prevents wrinkles.
This face mask stimulates collagen production promotes skin recovery and healing.

Neem Face Mask.png

The NEEM Face mask is widely used to absorb dirt, pulls toxins, binds to the skin and dissolves fat. Contains potassium carbonate, calcium, mangenese, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium.

Manjistha Face Mask.png

The MANJISTHA Face mask is widely used in varous skin disorders such as eczema, acne, infections and allergic manifestations.

Contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory elements.