Deep Clean Face Toner

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Box Dimensions
100 ml Bottle 44*110mm
24 bottles per Carton


Pallet Dimension (EU pallets 800*1200)
Box Dimension inside 270*180*114mm
Carton Dimension outside 274*184*118mm

Carton per layers 17
Layers per pallet 12
Total height incl pallet 1.570 mm
Total bottles per pallet: 4.896 bottles

MOQ -  1 Pallet - Mix pallets possible
The following product in 100 ml Bottles are available:
 * Deep Clean CY (Charcoal + Ylang Ylang)
 * Deep Clean CR (Charcoal + Rose Geranium)
 * Deep Clean CL (Charcoal + Lavender)
 * Deep Clean CB (Charcoal + Bergamot)
 * Deep Clean CC (Charcoal + Clove) For Men

Deep Clean Face Toner
A facial toner thoroughly cleans the skin and helps remove built up surface of dead skin cells.

Use once a day. 

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Charcoal +
Ylang Ylang

Activated charcoal + Ylang Ylang keeps skin smooth, refreshed and hydrated.

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Charcoal +

Activated charcoal + Lavender detoxify and rejuvenate your skin.

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Charcoal +

Rose Geranium

Activated charcoal +Bulgarian Rose Geranium helps reduce oily and acne skin.  

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Charcoal +

Activated charcoal + Bergamot balances oily skin, helps unclog pores.  

Savriah Face Toner Charcoal Clove for me

Activated charcoal + Clove adjusts the level of unsaturated fatty acids and prevents from aging. For oily and blemished skin.