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Our Developed
Beverage Range

We support our clients with high quality products at the best possible price and the highest possible service.
Savirah Drinks develop any kind of drink. Do you want only water or added with a tast, carbonated drinks with less sugar, then Savirah Drink divsion can help, some of the available products can be found below.

Our Savirah Spring water is a constant component and daily needed food/drinks by the human body and the spring water consumption results in life in harmony with the laws of nature, health and longevity. The leading advantage of the spring water Savirah Natural content is its 7.23 Ph level which allows a daily use without burdening the human body.Your system would not be overloaded because of the low mineralization. It is suitable for everyday use by the whole family.
This Product becomes with a GOVERNMENT HEALTH certificate
Available in any size between 0.3 and 19 litre


Savirah Spring Water

Savirah Natural Spring water
Savirah Natural Spring water
Savirah Natural Spring water_edited.png
Savirah Natural Spring water_edited.png
Water wave.png

The daily harmony,  that you deserve. 

Drink your way to better Health

The daily life of modern people, the dynamics of life and the pursuit of harmony inspired the creation of waters with alkaline and magnesium. The beginning of the day is a time to enjoy ourselves with a ritual guaranteeing health, and the shortest way to harmony starts from the first sip.


Savirah Structured water without preservatives for the modern, successful and complete vision of the spirit and body of every person.

Private Label Soda's in can's are innovating products due to their original fruity flavors.

Savirah Drinks offers its clients a large diversity of authentic and surprising flavors.
Ask us more about the possibilities of your own Brand Soda's

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SPUR Craft Soda's are innovating products due to their original fruity flavours.

The best fruits are picked so as to provide a fruity pleasure and offer an optimal quality to its consumers.

SPUR, through its creativity, offers its clients a large diversity of authentic and surprising flavours.


Savirah - Injection Drinks

At the cap of the bottle there is the substance for your fresh drink, mix it at the spot, push the mix into the water, shake and ready to drink.
Available in 3 different taste 


Caffit - Caffeine Water

Caffit is energy at its simplest form: Water + Caffeine.  It’s just responsibly sourced water with a kick of caffeine. Colorless. Tasteless. Odorless.

Caffit Caffeine water_edited.jpg

Beer with 0% alcohol

Pure Gold Wiezenbeer.png

The origin of its ingredients, the careful production processes and the people who participate in its marketing...all make our beer a very special product. Step by step processed as normal beer, which  get centrifuged  to  take  out  the  alcohol  vol.  this  process makes  the  beer  really  taste  as  a natural beer!

Beer Cans.png

 ALC. 0.0% VOL

Pure Gold Wiezenbeer.png
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